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     "All men are wise – some sooner, some later"

Voltaire, 1694–1778


Irrespective of whether you're an entrepreneur or a consumer, the following pages from Binz Lawyers will show you the clear advantages of consulting specialised professionals when dealing with important legal matters.

Because – in Germany – the lawyer's fee will always be less than the cost of the damages that may be incurred.

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Binz Lawyers in Trier/Germany:


Dr. Gerrit Binz

Visiting Lecturer at Trier University of Applied Sciences

             Specialist solicitor in Rental/Lease and Apartment Ownership Law


 Cornelia Binz

Specialist solicitor in Social Security Law


Frank Ernser

Specialist solicitor in Road Traffic Law

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first-class work ▪ one point of contact ▪ effective guidance to achieve your goal

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accessibility ▪ reliability ▪ amiability: +4965199472700

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